Daily Gospel for Skin and heart

ElySeoul is a U.S.-based skincare brand. We devoted ourselves to discovering the power of Korean skincare. We only use clean, healthy, and high-quality ingredients.

The Philosophy

ElySeoul condenses and extracts the energy and years of Korean nature with modern technology, interprets products and stories with rich texture, and conveys the daily gospel that is beneficial to the skin and heart.

Discover unique effects from the common Korean natural raw materials around you, and re-examine the tenacious vitality of nature that has accompanied human beings for a long time.

ElySeoul inherits the wisdom of ancient ancestors and uses the latest technology to develop the process of extracting functional ingredients from various natural materials. It uses a mild formula that does not overburden the skin; it is designed with no controversial ingredients added to provide mild skin-friendly yet effective skin care results.

Not only the product is safe and reliable, but ElySeoul also integrates the touch, color, aroma and story of Korean natural materials into products, container packaging and promotional content from different angles, so that customers can feel “small” nature every day.

ElySeoul is committed to communicating with customers emotionally, and constantly spreading the gospel to the skin, heart and even daily life.

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