ElySeoul Quintuple Complex Super Neck Cream

Fast results with our Quintuple Complex Neck Firming Cream. Give you a firming, tightening, and smoother skin.

Skin Care Cream

Anti Aging
Skin Recovery


Gives You a Shining and Younger Looking

For All Skin Types, Women and Men
Fast Absorbing
Powerful Moisturizer


I’ve been using the cream for about a month now and I must say that I love how it moisturizes the skin without the greasy feeling. I hate how some neck creams are so sticky, especially in this hot weather! I’ve noticed that my skin is firmer and looks more plump, which lessens the appearance of the fine lines I have on my neck. I definitely will be keeping this as my daily neck cream!

Kim Tan

I was quite surprised when I started using this cream! It’s not heavy it’s not sticky and it goes on so very nicely! For the little time that I’ve been using it I can see a difference and I am really impressed! Here is the add plus for me, it’s not clogging my pores or causing any kind of outbreaks as I have sensitive skin! I’m really truly happy with us product!


This neck cream has a very unique application that allows you to use the perfect amount with one pump, not overusing the product and getting the most out of your container. It is not too thick, yet thick enough for hydration over night. I am starting to see results in just one week of use.

Dominika S

This cream is exactly what I hoped it would be! So soft and nourishing to the sensitive neck and chest area. Light scent makes it feel so clean and refreshing.

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